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This is BraveCoach

I’ve spent over 20 years cultivating my skills as a coach holding space for others. I want to impart everything I’ve uncovered to others, so that they can do the same.

The guiding principles of BraveCoach are:

  1. The coachee has the answer
  2. Our job is to guide not show
  3. The depth coachees go, is a direct reflection of the depth that we have gone or are willing to go
  4. Coaching is a privilege, not a vocation
  5. Coaching is a fundamental skill for any great leader


The Central Pillars to this Work are:

  1. Holding spaceis the deepest form of service, it is the ability to create a sacred vessel where the work can begin. This sacred space is the most elusive and yet powerful exchange when achieved. The intimacy that is created requires the deepest expression of vulnerability. This is the place where healing can happen without a single word exchanged, this is not just a place where you hear somebody, this is not just a place where you see somebody, it is the place of privilege where you get to experience the essence of another by feeling them.
  2. The courage to challenge and support people at the same time. Your ability to let go and go beyond what a coachee may think of you is critical. The ability to suspend your own need to be seen, to be the hero, to be liked, and to have the answers may well be the difference between an average coaching session and a profound exchange that shapes someone’s life. This is why we coach.
  3. The ability to guide someone to the places within themselves that they have yet to explore, and to introduce them to the parts of themselves that have lain dormant. The greatest gift to a coachee is allowing them to uncover, and therefore discover, in a way that they feel they have gotten there on their own. Who are we as coaches to deprive them of that opportunity? Most coaching is unintentionally designed to disempower people, by constantly giving them the answers and/or a system in which to live their lives. It’s this type of coaching driven by scarcity that leads people to believe that they need a coach. We are going to shift this paradigm from a need to a want, from scarcity to abundance – so people WANT to work with you as opposed to feel they NEED to work with you.

Does this speak to you?


BraveCoach Outline

Module 1 – Introduction and Your Why

  • Your why? Why now, why you?
  • Aligning with your why
  • Coaching engagement
  • Executing your talent while honoring your gift
  • Understanding your value
Module 2 – Ego Suspension

  • Different styles of coaching
  • Ego suspension questions
  • Managing your judgement and values
  • How to have people want to work with you as opposed to need to work with you
  • Trusting your coachee
Module 3 – Challenging & Supporting

  • Great questions
  • The Racehorse Theory
  • The K2 Effect
  • How to uncover the real issue
  • How to deal with deep unconscious resistance
Module 4 – Holding Space

  • Creating an energetic and supportive space
  • Work coming through you
  • Go beyond traditional listening and cultivate an ability to deeply hear
  • Live coaching call critique
Module 5 – Introducing Self

  • Bringing you into your work
  • Storytelling as a tool
  • Engagement/Framework, e.g. retreats, 1-1, etc.
  • Design an experience
  • Harvesting your journey
  • Live coaching call critique
Module 6 – Addressing Challenges

  • Difficult clients/people
  • Boundaries and expectations
  • Working with public figures
  • When coaching goes stale
  • Coaching in your area of passion
  • Live coaching call critique


How will it work?

2 hour workshop once a month over 6 months
60 minute monthly implementation call
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Small group of participants

Been adversely affected financially by the pandemic? If the investment would put you under serious financial pressure but you would still love to be a part of BraveCoach, please reach out to us.

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Dates & Times

Intro & Integration Calls 
Dec 7, 2021
Jan 11, 2022
Feb 8, 2022
Mar 15, 2022
Apr 5, 2022
May 3, 2022
May 31, 2022

Dec 21, 2021
Jan 25, 2022
Feb 22, 2022
Mar 29, 2022
Apr 19, 2022
May 17, 2022

Workshops take place from 3pm – 5pm (IST) / 8am – 10am (MST) / 10am – 12pm (EST)
Integration calls take place from 3pm – 4pm (IST) / 8am – 9am (MST) / 10am – 11am (EST)

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